The Spectator

The focus of this series practice is about depicting or recreate the distance sense that is caused by the individual’s bystander perspective.

I pick the ordinary moments from my daily life and reproduce them as ceramic relief paintings. I look into a scene of a swan chatting as a peeper hiding behind the lush reeds, I froze the moment of watching a movie as an audience in the back row, and I captured a clip of a critique as an onlooker hiding behind a group of students. During the completion of every piece of my ceramics painting, my identity changed from a participant to a bystander of my life. Wandering between duo identities, the distance between me and my surroundings has also been changed. My works aim to provide a possibility for the audience, by which, they can acknowledge such a sense of distance changes by experience the process of switching the role between a spectator and a part of the moment of my work.

This series of ceramic paintings are my new attempt. During achieving this series of ceramic paintings, I treat clay as a malleable and shapeable surface and apply glaze like the paints. I make spaces depth, create textures difference, and adjust color changes on a surface by experiencing a variety of tools, chemical compositions, and temperatures.


Gossip, 12" X 17",  Ceramic Painting, Cone 6 Clay and Glaze, 2019.

03_Nauty Harley.jpg

Untitled, 8" X 14", Ceramic Painting, Cone 6 Clay and Glaze, 2019

04_Final Critique.jpg

The Low Key Panelist,  8" X13",  Ceramic Painting, Cone 6 Clay and Glaze, 2019

05_The Only Audience.jpg

The Only Audience, 8" X 13", Ceramic Painting, Glaze, and Clay, Cone 6, 2019