This personalized custom item is not only a ceramic ornament but also a unique and irreplaceable art piece of the Puppet Revival Project. 


Once  we reached a consensus about your personalized custom item, I will create a new product link for you to purchase online.

And, of course, you will be the co-creator of this project. I will share the picture and story of your beloved puppet on my artist website (


Puppet Revival Project is a long-term interactive art project that needs to be finished by both the artist and the collectors. 


The initial idea of this project was to revive the teddy bears that I found from the local thrift shops in a way that can last a long time as a solid form, instead of letting them be forgotten in a corner that no one cares about. As I transform the increased number of teddy bears,  I see the wonderful time that these puppets spent with their former owners through the speckled traces. In my eyes, these tiny traces are precious and worthy of being commemorated, so I start the Puppet Revival Project.


As more and more collectors became interested in this project, some of them began to share their puppet's stories with me and asked if I can transform their puppets. Since then, I have expanded my creative ideas for the Puppet Revival project. I don't only transform the puppets that I found from the thrift store, but also aim to the beloved puppets of my collectors.





The price of the personalized custom item depends on the volume of the finished piece. The exact price will be slightly adjusted according to the length of the three sides. Tell me the puppet size before placing the order, and I will give you an estimate price.


Price Reference List

Finished Artwork Dimension                                      Price

item ≤ 5"X5"X5"                                                               $100

5"X5"X5"< item ≤ 6"X6"X6"                                        $150

6"X6"X6"< item ≤ 7"X7"X7"                                        $200

7"X7"X7"< item ≤  8"X8"X8"                                       $275

8"X8"X8"< item ≤  9"X9"X9"                                       $375

9"X9"X9"< item ≤  10"X10"X10"                                $500

10"X10"X10"< item ≤ 11"X11"X11"                            $650

11"X11"X11"< item ≤ 12"X12"X12"                             $800(Maximum Size)



*Demo Dimentions: 4.5"X5.5"X6"

 Demo Medium: White Porcelain Slip, Cone 6 Glaze and Undergalze.


Puppet Revival Project Custom Service

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Your order will be ready to ship within 4-8 weeks.

    Standard Shipping - arriving 7-10 days


    Order from the U.S. & Canada:

    $20  Handling and Shipping Fee.


    Order from China:

    ¥69 Handling and Shipping Fee.


    Order from the other country:

    $5 Handling Fee.

    The shipping fee will depend on the quotation of the courier company.