Custom Dog Relief-Deco Board


Everyone’s dog is unique.

They all have their very own little personality.
Are you still using the ticky-tacky machine-made dog notice board? Why don't you custom a one-of-kind notice relief for your dog?


Each dog notice relief will be hand-built and sculpted by me from white stoneware clay. After a greenware firing, they will be hand-painted with underglaze and glaze, and then, fired in the kiln at cone 5 to cone 6 temperature.


My priority for my Custom ceramic relief is that I capture YOUR dog's personality and charm.
I try to ensure with every of my ceramic relief that it is as UNIQUE as your dog.

The dimension of the dog relief will be in the range of 6"X10" to 8" X12", which depends on your needs.


A perfect gift or just a keepsake of your best friend.
You can not only use the ceramic relief to put on top of the wooden urn box the vet gives you as a memorial to your fur baby, but also hang it on the wall or door to remind everyone how cute your dog is.


Please email me for my availability before buying as I do have a waiting list.

Once we reaching a consensus of the order, I will ask that you email me the pictures of your pet from different angles (eg. face on the left and right profiles and from behind) so I can get a good idea of colors/markings, etc. I realize this is not always possible for pets who are no longer with us but I will try my best to work with the pictures you have. 

I would like to keep my collector updated on the progress! Once I finished the relief sculpting I will send you some pictures to make sure you are satisfied with the appearance of your dog notice board.


I can add any little item:
Favorite toy/Ball/Dogbone/Scarf/Collar
For just an additional charge.


Appreciate your interest!!

*The picture is just a demo that I have done. 

Demo Dimensions: 8"X11"

White Clay, Glaze and underglaze, Cone 5.

Dog Relief-Deco Board

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Your order will be ready to ship within 4-8 weeks.

    Standard Shipping - arriving 7-10 days


    Order from the U.S. & Canada:

    $20  Handling and Shipping Fee.


    Order from China:

    ¥69 Handling and Shipping Fee.


    Order from the other country:

    $5 Handling Fee.

    The shipping fee will depend on the quotation of the courier company.